Accessing Gender-Affirming dermal fillers through North Bay’s True Self Program

Our True Self Program is envisioned to serve transgender and nonbinary folks with the greatest need.

At this time, we do not request or research any documentaton to qualify for participation in this program. 

Joining is easy.

Let us know you’re interested in pay-what-you-can gender-affirming dermal fillers. Email or call 415-686-3546. We’ll reply ASAP.

Complete a quick virtual consultation with Moya, our NP who specializes in minimally-invasive gender-affirming facial aesthetics, to confirm you’re medically cleared for this care.

We’ll add your name to our waitlist and reach out as soon as we can schedule your care.

You’ll have at least two appointments for True Self Care. 

  1. First treatment. We’ll review your goals and discuss treatment options with dermal fillers, as well as risks, benefits, and alternatives with you.
  2. Follow-up. Two weeks later we’d like to see you again to confirm you’re healing well and happy with your results. If the follow-up is in person, we may suggest a smaller second treatment which is also covered by the program.
  3. Farewell for now. Two weeks after your last treatment, we’ll confirm your happiness and healthy healing, and then we’ll sign off.

True Self Clients may return every 2-3 years as needed for upkeep.