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Gender Affirming Care and the True Self Program.

  • Can I just pay for North Bay’s gender-affirming services?

    Yes. All of our treatments are client goal-oriented and if you would like to book standard services with gender-affirming goals, you are more than welcome to do so at any time. 

  • Do I have to submit documentation to be considered for the True Self Program?

    No, at this time we will not ask for any documentation to qualify for this program. 

  • What products or services are eligible for low-cost care in the True Self Program?

    We offer a full range of dermal fillers from both the Restylane, Juvederm, and Revance RHA product lines to provide facial and neck treatments.

    Neurorelaxers (Botox, Dysport and Xeomin) are no longer covered by the True Self Program, but are available at discount to all True Self participants.

  • How long is the waitlist for True Self?

    We serve as many clients as possible each month, but as a new program we aren’t yet sure what the wait time will be. It’s never too soon to schedule an intake consultation with our provider, and then we can add your name to our waitlist for pay-what-you-can services.

  • What if I need a touch-up?

    We are committed to offering True Self clients repeat services every 2-3 years as needed for upkeep.

  • How do I get on the wait list for True Self?

    It’s easy to get on our True Self calendar. Here’s how:

    1. Let us know you’re interested. You can email, call, or use the contact form on our website. We’ll answer any questions you have, schedule a consultation with our provider, and let you know about the estimated wait time for True Self care.
    2. Complete an initial consultation with Moya to discuss your aesthetics goals and create a treatment plan together. You can meet in person, or complete the consultation via Zoom.
    3. Get scheduled. Depending on how far our your appointment will be, we may either book a specific date and time, or hold your place in certain month, and re-connect to schedule your appointment when we get closer.

    While you are on the wait list, we will reach out if our schedule changes and we can see you sooner, or if there are other opportunities, such as trainings, for us to offer you goal-oriented care at no cost to you.

  • Does North Bay offer a discount to trans clients?

    Yes. For trans and non-binary clients who pay directly for their services (instead of billing insurance or through True Self), North Bay Aesthetics offers a flat $125 discount on the first five (5) appointments per calendar year.

    This discount does not apply to IV infusion or B12-only appointments, may not be used for product purchases, and may not be combined with any other offers or promotions.

    We’ll always guide all of our clients to the most cost-effective treatment option to reach toward your aesthetic goals.

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