Can you bill my insurance for gender-affirming care?


We’re now about to bill San Francisco Health Plan for gender-affirming dermal fillers, Kybella, and microneedling the scalp for hair restoration.

Before we can book or perform a service to be covered by health insurance, we need to have pre-authorization from the health plan.

Here’s what to do:

1. Make an appointment with your Primary Care Provider. They will need to fill out a pre-authorization for gender affirming care coverage.

2. Once they send the preauthorization letter to SFHP, SFHP will send us an approval and we will call you to book an appointment.

3. You will have no balance to pay at your visit and we will bill the healthcare plan directly.

If you are not an SFHP member, thank you for your patience as we onboard more heath insurance carriers.

You may wish to join our waitlist for pay-what-you-can care in the True Self Program.

North Bay also offers a discount on all self-pay a la carte services to clients who feel comfortable self-identifying as transgender or non-binary.

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Team North Bay’s mission is to provide inclusive, innovative aesthetics and wellness healthcare.