At what age should I start aesthetic treatments?

There isn’t a right time to begin thinking about rejuvenating aesthetics treatments — that’s up to you entirely. But there are common changes all humans experience as we age, and here a few things we recommend you consider:

Bone, collagen, and fat are what give our faces structure, skin elasticity, and volume, respectively.

By our early twenties, collagen production starts to diminish we begin to lose bone density in our faces.

By thirty-five years of age, the average female has lost 10% of her facial fat, and can expect to lose 5-10% more every decade thereafter.

Early 30s is a typical age to start coming in for cosmetic aesthetics treatments. Maybe we are seeing some forehead lines that feel “a little too permanent,” or the under-eye area (also known as tear trough) is looking dark.

It’s easier to treat toward certain goals with less product when we are younger, which can result in considerable savings in time and money over the years.

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