Injectable Neurorelaxers

We prescribe Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. These medications are all FDA-approved to help clear fine lines and wrinkles and get a little lift to those brows.

Therapeutic uses for these products include masseter injection for TMJ (looking at you, jaw clenchers!) and migraine prevention. 

These medications last an average of 12 weeks after administration.

Neurorelaxer Treatment Areas on the Face and Neck

Average Units per Treatment Area

  • Forehead + Frown — 30 ($525)
  • Eyebrow Lift — 4-8 ($70 – $140)
  • Dimpled Chin — 8  ($140)
  • Bunny Lines — 4 ($70)
  • Crow’s Feet — 12 ($210)
  • Smile Lift — 4-8 ($70 – $140)
  • Lip Flip — 8 ($140)
  • Neck Bands — 10-15 ($175 – $262.50) per band
  • Masseter for TMD (TMJ) — 75-100 ($1050 – $1400*)

The numbers above should be used for estimation purposes only. Every body is (beautifully) different, with different needs to achieve different treatment goals.

We will always discuss your individual treatment plan before we begin.

*Botox for Masseter is charged at $14 per unit.

Slide the arrow side to side to see a before and after neurorelaxer comparison of results in the forehead.
Before and after Xeomin to smooth the forehead.
During neurorelaxer injection: Skin is cleaned and injection sites marked. We use teeny tiny needles; some folks say they don’t even feel ’em go in!

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