What to look for in an aesthetics provider

What should you look for when choosing a new aesthetics provider?

1️⃣ Experience in injectables and aesthetics. When you meet with a provider, ask about their experience and how long they’ve been doing this work.

2️⃣ Legal and credible credentials! You want a board-certified physician, physician’s associate, or nurse practitioner. Or, a registered nurse working closely with a medical doctor. Moya is a board-certified nurse practitioner.

3️⃣ Last but certainly not least: when you meet with a new prospective provider, they should ask about YOUR goals and standards, and create a treatment plan to work towards those goals.

Your aesthetic experience isn’t about what the provider thinks you should do to look “good,” it’s about what YOU want to help you look and feel your very best. Your provider is an expert in the medications and techniques to achieve the results you are looking for, but is not an expert in your body, your story, or your ideals. Take your time to find the right person to work alongside you on your aesthetic journey.

Meet our primary provider, Moya Meckel

Moya is a Yale-trained, board-certified nurse practitioner with over 13 years nursing experience, and the leader of our North Bay team.

A little more about her: she’s a Cancer who loves everything about fall (colorful leaves, cool nights, tall boots, cozy blankets, and hot toddies), and prefers a good cheese plate over any dessert.

If she could have any three celebrities over for a dinner party, she’d invite Ruby Rose, Billy Corgan, and Anne Lamott. She also says parenting a child is the scariest thing she’s ever done, and slamming doors are her pet peeve. (Hmm… could that have anything to do with parenting pre-tweens?!)

You are invited to schedule a free, no-pressure, no obligation consultation with Moya, to discuss your story, your bod, and your unique aesthetics goals.

These 15-minute appointments can take place in our lovely clinic in downtown Mill Valley, or over HIPAA-compliant Zoom, if you prefer.

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