Innovative & Inclusive

Gender Affirming Non-Surgical Health Care and Medical Aesthetics for allies.

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What are your goals?

We’re here to help you express and reflect your truest self with inclusive, and compassionate healthcare. 

We are advocates for bodies of every size, shape, race, ethnicity, and gender identity and expression. Our aesthetics services are client-led and goals-oriented in a radically-welcoming, body-neutral environment. 

Since 2021, we’ve donated over $90,000 worth of gender-affirming aesthetics healthcare to clients in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. 

Gender Affirming Care

This is healthcare.

We work closely with consultants and fellow clinicians in the community to provide the best possible care environment.

We’ll always use your correct name and pronoun (regardless of what may be on your ID),  and meet your every expectation in a comfortable, trusting environment. 

Team North Bay believes every human is beautiful and unique—and every human should love and recognize themself when they look in a mirror. 

All of our treatment plans are client-led from start to finish. As long as it is safe to do so, we will happily support you to achieve your goals.

Moya Meckel wearing a blue t shirt that reads "The Future is Inclusive"
What Our Clients Are Saying
  • Getting the vitamin B12 shot was so quick and easy! In the days leading up to the shot, my kids had a cold and I had been feeling pretty tired. I figured I was coming down with the cold, but after the shot my energy levels picked up! It wasn’t like caffeine energy; I felt calm and focused. And the best part was, I didn’t get sick!

    K.L., Carmel

  • The team at North Bay Aesthetics is really amazing…A+++ for cleanliness, aesthetic, attitude, and just for being so down to support the LGBTQIA community…They were able to walk through the process of my fillers while actively ensuring my comfort. I felt safe, and able to vocalize what my dream end results would be. They actualized it with their keen care, expertise, and patience.

    Juniper Y.

  • Not only is Moya incredibly skilled, she anticipates your needs and does so with a warm, welcoming, nonjudgmental approach. When under Moya’s care, I truly feel cared for and I look forward to returning to her each time knowing I can always anticipate professionalism and empathy to the highest degree! The entire team at North Bay is dedicated to serving their community, and creating a safe space. This team is thoughtful, radically accepting, and progressive. Despite being a state of the art clinical space, their office feels effortlessly stylish and homey.

    Elizabeth S.