On Knowing Ourselves

Moya Meckel wearing a blue t shirt that reads "The Future is Inclusive"

When we celebrated the opening of our Mill Valley clinic, and our transition from a mobile aesthetics practice to one based in a beautiful clinic with three comfy treatment rooms, we envisioned ourselves as primarily cosmetic practice that also offered the same services as gender-affirming healthcare for transgender and nonbinary folx.

Less than a year into this work, we’re seeing an overwhelming amount of interest in these minimally-invasive, in-office procedures for identity-affirming care, and support from a community of allies who choose  North Bay for their self-care cosmetic procedures in part because they like that we are showing up for their trans and queer fam, and because we do great work for them, too.

We hold space in our clinic for all of our clientele, whether they are coming in from the city or from Mill Valley Market down the street. We are proud to welcome sex workers, non-binary and gender non-conforming folx, and people of all sizes, races, abilities, and identities. 

Sometimes our clients tell us that they drove great distances to see us. 

We are honored that they would travel for hours for an appointment with us.

Sometimes our clients tell us that they wish they could be as honest with their PCPs as they are with us about their work and their identities. 

We try to connect those clients with new providers who might be a better fit.

Sometimes our clients tell us that their time with us was the most affirming and comfortable experience they’ve ever had in a healthcare environment.

We feel the weight of that, so happy that we have fostered a positive experience, and so determined to encourage and educate other providers to do better.

The more that we do this work of serving our trans and queer community members and allies, and we we connect with other providers and organizations committed to doing the same, the more we know (over and over) that this is us. 

Inclusive means that everyone is welcome. Inclusive means, come here and we will open our arms to you; inclusive means we will meet you where you are, and listen to you, and work with you to help you express and reflect and project your truest self, whomever you know that self to be. We will stick needles into your face with love and compassion and even before we do that, we will let you choose what’s playing on the smart speaker. 

It was in us all along, being a radically-inclusive, queer-friendly, innovative practice. It started as a whisper, a kernel of a thing we hoped would sprout to blossom. Whether you identify as a healthcare client, a self-care client, or somewhere in between, North Bay is here for you, curiosity engaged and flags flying. Thanks for coming to our party.